Sunday, 16 August 2009

dunna dunna dunna dunna, dunna dunna dunna dunna...

During the more tedious moments (of which there were far too many) of our A-Level physics lessons at school, myself and some of my mates used to amuse our puerile minds with smutty cartoons inspired by the most recent Batman adventures. I didn’t realise until much later, reading an interview with Adam West, who played Batman, that the many of the lines were ad libs, delivered with full awareness of their campness and potential for double entendre.

The best of the cartoons were drawn by DM aka ‘the dark horse’, whilst myself and JW did my best. JW still managed an A grade and pursued a career in physics whereas I only managed a B and ended up doing all kinds of things. I must confess that, typically, what I lacked in wit and draughtsmanship, I made up for in smuttiness. More shameful than that is that I still have most of them. Here are a few for your perusal (Top, courtesy of DM, then JW then bottom, yours truly).

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