Sunday, 16 August 2009

a few wispy bits...

A few years back, I was at a BBQ with another gay man, of similar sensibility, were introduced, by an Australian lesbian to the expression ‘pant beard’ which we soon transformed amidst much sniggering into ‘pantie beard’.

A year or so earlier, I was en route to a raunchy gay club in Paris with another gay acquaintance, when conversation turned to trimming one’s ‘bush’, then collapsed into hysteria over possibilities of pubic topiary.

Since thrilled by the arrival of my own body hair at puberty, indicating the onset of a sexually thrilling manhood (which, in many ways, has still not manifested), I have tended to be attracted to bodily hirsuteness (in spite of a very brief early period when I thought I wanted otherwise). This preference is generally against the grain in the gay world and the straight one, except in the shadowlands of bear fanciers.

In spite of this, for the sake of appealing to a ‘broader market’, I have made some sortées into the world of pubic depilation, though have to report that my experience has yielded, at best, a great deal of irritation and, at worst, some nasty inflammation and nicks. Accepting that I probably have ‘the wrong sort of skin’ for this kind of enhancement, I have fallen back on giving myself a periodic trim.

I must add that I generally find a ‘shaven haven’ (to borrow terminology usually applied to the opposite gender) or a ‘stripped willow’ (to invent one of my own) to be a bit of a turn off. At best it appears, to me, to be a little ‘plastic’ and, at worst, repulsively pre-pubescent.

On the other hand, neglected, I suppose things can get somewhat out of hand, as featured in the following ‘Smack the Pony’ clip:

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